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Why Catholic Apologetics? Explains reasons why it's important for all Catholics to know their Faith and to spread the Word of God throughout our world.
Catholic Apologetics Network This one was necessarily first. It's the group that Dave Keene, Greg Fleming and Tim Megysey started in the Pittsburgh area back around 1996.
A Librarian's Guide to Catholic Resources on the Internet The owner of this site sent me an email to take a look at her website. It's terrific. It's a very large source of items to help you learn abou the Faith, research issues, and find Church documents.
Envoy Magazine: Catholic Apologetics and Evangelization This is the web site of a terrific Magazine put out by one of my favorite apologists, Patrick Madrid!!
Catholic Answers Homepage As some of you may know, Karl Keating has become the "Godfather" of modern Apologists. Here is his site. Lot's of great stuff!
Catholic Biblical Apologetics A good, clean site with lots of information defending the teachings of the Catholic Church using the Bible.
The Nazareth Resource Library James Akin's site. Many of us are indebted to Mr. Akin for the wonderful pieces he has put on the web in defense of the Catholic Church. Find those resources here!
New Advent Catholic Website This is a GREAT site by Kevin Knight. It is well worth visiting! It has the complete 1913 Catholic Encyclopedia on it.
Catholic and Loving It A site I just ran across from the owner of Catholic Homeschooling in Hawaii. It's a very nice site with many useful links. Also a nice song that plays when you visit each page.

Go to Dave Armstrong's site for Catholic Truth books!

Catholic Doctrinal Concordance A site which contains Scriptural references to Catholic beliefs and customs. Quite useful for research!
The Beggar King Homepage Very nice site with some good apologetics!
The Catholic Goldmine An exhaustive site with many, many links and documents. A MUST SEE!!
Apologetics for Catholics and Other Christians An informative site, with a tutorial-like way to walk through learning about apologetics and the Faith!
Biblical Evidence for Catholicism This is a site maintained by Dave Armstrong - one of the best lay apologists I've run across in a long time. He is very active online in the defense of the Church and has some wonderful resources for the Catholic apologist as well as for an interested non-Catholic and even for you vehement non-Catholics.
The Christifideles Pizza and Theology Society A clever and refreshing site. Just the title alone makes a visit to this site imperative! I have exchanged e-mails with at least one of the apologists on this site and if he is representative, then they all know their stuff!!
PPascuzzi's Site Paul has pulled together some wonderful sources. I met him a long time ago when I was on America OnLine. He is a fantastic defender of the Faith and is able to do so in a crowded chat room!!
Vin - Yard - Kelvin Chia's Page PLEASE visit this site. It's great. Kelvin's wit is superceded only by his obvious love for Jesus and His Church! My story pales in comparison to his. I see his posts on the Cin-apol e-mail list and finally went to his site.
The Apostolate for Catholic Truth The owner of this site stumbled upon my site and left me a note. Thank God he did! This is a very clean site and totally in line with the Church. Much good stuff here.
Keeping Catholics Catholic I have known Tim, the owner of this site, since I first came back to the Church. While I was on AOL, I discovered his love of the Church and his terrific ability to think on his feet in the AOL chat rooms. I miss those late night discussions with the incessant anti-Catholics who were always around! Definitely look at his site - he has just about every link imaginable - as well as some great class outlines from his KCC classes.
Catholicsource Catholicsource is a GREAT resource in learning about the Catholic faith. It includes an active message board, many links to sites that explain and defend Catholicism. Information on Homeschooling. Regularly scheduled chats. This site provides Catholic information for all through Catholic links. A SUPER site to learn about the Catholic Church!
Defending the Bride This is a comprehensive site that I often refer to. John has done a splendid job of keeping this site current.
Gospel Truth Ministries A new apologetics site that sounds strangely like a Protestant site.
In Defense of the Roman Catholic Church A great resource for Protestants or Catholics who find themselves confronted by Protestants about their Faith.
Catolicos.org This is a very bilingual site - English and Spanish - with many interesting and useful links. It also includes valuable information about the other rites in the Catholic Church.
Christian Philosophy Made Simple As the page states: "Drawing from over twenty-five centuries of the Western Philosophical tradition, I have presented the most common philosophical arguments supporting the existence of God."
Lumen Verum A wonderful site with many links and articles related to Catholic Apologetics.
Answers For Troubled Times This site is a booklet by Paul Ruggieri on the sad state of our society. I read it years ago and have since given out copies to people. I highly recommend it.
A Catholic Page for Lovers On this site you will find many useful and thought-provoking articles. It has an interesting layout and image selection.
Reference Material Sites
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