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So, why is this Site Here?

I recently returned to the faith of my birth and am thrilled at the Truth with which God has graced me through the infallibility of His Church. This excitement has led me to study Catholic Apologetics.

This site is 100% behind the Magisterium of the Catholic Church. I will not knowingly spread lies and false accusations about anyone or any organization. If you find such things, just   and bring them to my attention immediately.

On other web sites, you may find things written out of hate and ignorance. I pray that none of that appears on this site. I try as hard as possible to follow the teachings of Christ and would be saddened to think that I was not being charitable. May God bless all those who are still searching for the healing power of Christ and the glorious strength of the Holy Spirit. May He continually open our hearts to the Way, the Truth and the Light that is Jesus Christ. May He bring those who have accepted this Truth into the fullness of His divine revelation which can be found completely only in the Church He founded, the Holy Catholic Church.

I've had some anti-Catholics say that the above promise is a lie since I include elsewhere on this site defenses against their attacks. It's a litte sad that these people feel totally justified on their own personal knowledge of the Bible to tell me that what Catholics believe is wrong. Then they go so far as to claim that since we're wrong, we are being contentious or "mean" when we try to point out their errors.

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